Coaching? Love it or hate it?

Northstar Guides offers a full range of services that are focused on helping our clients maintain long-term sobriety.

Our team has frequent, spirited, discussions about the vocabulary we use to describe the art and science of helping people to achieve their potential for successful recovery from substance abuse. The recovery profession is full of job titles that are out-dated, ineffective, cutesy, or just plain vague. So we talk about labels, how they work, and what they mean.

Nicole loves the term “coach.” And, for Nicole a true-born coach if ever there was one, recovery coach is a great fit. Nicole’s client’s experience her case management and recovery support style as that of a really great coach. She’s there, pacing the sidelines, cheering on her team, pulling them into the bench for a word of advice. Helping each client see their own potential and suggesting what kinds of workouts they’ll need to practice to make it to the winners circle. Nicole isn’t all nice and “good job” with her team members. She is perfectly comfortable sitting them down for a game or two when they break team rules. She tells it like it is when someone falls short of their own standards for accountability and performance. Coaching is dynamic and effective in the hands of a gifted practitioner. (We are currently looking for two or three great coaches like Nicole, to add to our team. Email if it’s you!)