Labels matter

The ongoing conversation about language at Northstar Guides.

Sponsor doesn’t get nearly as much airtime at Northstar Guides for simple reasons: our specialty is helping clients achieve long-term sobriety using non-12-step methods.

We don’t have anything against step programs – anyone succeeding with a 12 step program, including working with a good sponsor, should definitely stick with their program.

But our clients, virtually all of whom have attended countless 12 step meetings, often one or more trips through 12 step rehab or other primary treatment, have not found the outcome they need, in the rooms. So the mention of a sponsor tends to take the air out of the conversation.

So why bring it in at all? Well, our clients actually need sponsors. They may need a sponsor to welcome them back to work, easing the path through past negative relationships, with a smile and assurance that Pete the pediatrist is returning with an accountability contract, recovery support, and won’t be anything less than an asset to the practice.

That kind of sponsorship can’t be bought. It can, with advocacy by NorthStar Guides staff members, be built, nurtured, and arranged to the benefit of everyone involved.

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